How does this event work?

Every ticket you receive through fundraising made through Opening Day will provide you with an opportunity to win Scramble prizes on opening day!   You will receive your tickets at Opening Day based on total fundraising prior to Opening Ceremonies.   Also, overall fundraising counts towards qualifying for Player / Team prizes in addition to the Opening Day Scramble. 

Softball Scramble Tickets

  • $5 - Single Ticket

  • $10 - Three Tickets

  • $20 - Twenty Tickets - Individual qualifies for free vintage practice shirt

    • Package of 20 Tickets. Select How many $20 packs you'd like to buy!
  • $100 – ONE HUNDRED TICKETS! - Individual qualifies for Limited Edition Softball shirt

    • Every player who raises $100 will get an exclusive 4S Ranch Girls Softball shirt that you can only receive from this fundraiser!
    • This will fulfill most players' goal!